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Our Track Surfaces

When an athlete appears to be flying around a track at high speed, this is due to having a perfect grip at all times – at the start, on the straight and on the bends. The track absorbs the shock when the foot touches down and absorbs the entire body weight for maximum acceleration. It guides it as it rolls, and catapults the runner forward with energy previously stored. The surface must be durable, weather-resistant, environmentally friendly and maintain its function over its entire lifetime. CONICA offers a coordinated range of high-quality surfaces for all applications and every climate zone, from low-cost solutions for school sports to certified and high-tech systems for international competitions.

Conipur VMAX

The innovative 2-layer full PUR surface for peak performance – World Athletics certified

Conipur M

The full PUR surface for athletic top performance – World Athletics certified

Conipur MX+

The full PUR track system for high performance – World Athletics certified

Conipur SW

Impermeable sandwich system –World Athletics certified

Conipur SP

Water permeable spray coating system – World Athletics certified

Conipur RETOP

Renovation of running track surfaces – meets World Athletics requirements